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GT2280  Two point zigzag stitch

GT2284  Two point and four point zigzag stitch


This series machines are single needle high speed zigzag sewing

machines,with built-in bobbin winder and reverse stitch lever.

GT2280 is adopted needle rocking mechanism with a triangular

cam which helps produce beautiful seams with consistency.

And GT2284 is with fingertip control to change the two point

stitch to four point stitch, which increased the sewing efficiency.

Suitable for sewing light to medium weight materials with high-quality

soft seams.

GT199        Bottom Feed

GT146        Top&Bottom Feed

GT199-B    Bottom feed, Differential feed, 13mm zigzag width

GT146-B    Top and bottom feed, Differential feed, 13mm zigzag width

GT199-2     Bottom feed,double needle zigzag or straight stitch machine

This series zigzag machines are the bottom and top feed zigzag(146&146B),

equipped with the large hook and reserve device. The changeable cams realize 

1,2 and 3 steps zigzag stitch. High speed and easy operation and maintenance. 

The different feed of GT199B & GT146B make the largest zigzag width up 

to13mm (only1step and two points zigzag). Suitable for sewing medium to 

heavy weight materials,such as bags, shoes,gloves and diving dress etc.

GT146L-18   18”Long arm, Top and bottom feed

GT146L-30   30”Long arm, Top and bottom feed

This series machines are developed based on our regular GT146.18”and 30”

long arm as the option. The large working space especially ensures machine

can stitch the large size material. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy

weight materials, such as tents,canvas etc.

GT199-MX       Cylinder bed, Auto lubrication,Bottom Feed

GT146-MX       Cylinder bed,Auto lubrication,Top and bottom feed

GT146D-MX     Cylinder bed,Direct drive,Auto lubrication,Top and bottom feed

This series machines are equipped with the large hook, high working efficiency. 

The small diameter cylinder(80mm)ensures the small tubular products sewing 

application. 1,2 and 3steps zigzag stitches achieved by changing the cams. 

Also, the binder as the option. Suitable or sewing medium to heavy weight 

materials,such as shoes,bags,gloves etc.

GT199-H     Post bed, Bottom Feed

GT146-H     Post bed, Top&bottom Feed

This series machines are the post-bed zigzag machine(180mmheight post),large 

hook, high working efficiency. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy duty

material,such as shoes, caps, golf bags, etc.

GT199-FOA  Feed-off-arm, Bottom feed

GT146-FOA  Feed-off-arm, Top&bottom Feed

This is one special feed-off-arm zigzag machine, adopts the bottom and top feed

with the small hook. 45mmsmall diameter cylinder,and the open type top cover 

ensures the simple maintenance. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy duty 

products, such as caps, bags, shoes etc.

GA525-A     Single needle, bottom feed(Cam changeable)

GA525D-7   Single needle, direct drive, with auto thread trimmer(Cam changeable)

This series machines are decorative zigzag sewing machines, adopted bottom feed mechanism, vertical needle bar movements, having strong needle puncture and beautiful stitch performance. The machine used large rotary hook, which increased the working efficiency. And through changing the cams, it can sew 14 zigzag pattern stitches. It is suitable for sewing medium to heavy weight materials, leather products, heavy cloth, etc.

GA525-1L         30”Long Arm, Bottom Feed(cam changeable)

GA525-1L-D     30”Long Arm, Bottom Feed, Thread trimmer,cam changeable)

This series machines are developed based on regular GA525 with30”long arm. 

Puller is as the option.Suitable for sewing Suitable for sewing medium heavy 

weight materials, especially for the large size products,such as mattress labels etc.

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