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GA2570            FIBC Bulk Bag Sewing Machine

GA2570L-25    FIBC Bulk Bag Sewing Machine(25" Long arm)

This series machines are high speed top and bottom feed lockstitch sewing machine. Equipped with the extra large rotary hook and large bobbin capacity, powerful feeding mechanism can stitch the flexible materials smoothly, two different arm length(working space) for the different sizeable products.Suitable for sewing heavy duty and extra heavy duty materials,especially suitable for container bag/big bags application.

GA3670  FIBC/Bulk Bag Sewing Machine


This machine is the top and bottom feed, large rotary hook, high speed, lockstitch sewing machine, with auto lubrication system and equipped with safety clutch device.It comes with pneumatic presser foot lift and reverse, large working space: 420x210mm.This machine is mainly used for sewing container bags, as well as other bulk bags, it also can be used for sewing lifting belts, cargo slings, safety belts, sofa, harness, sails, tents, truck covers, etc.

GA9800  FIBC/Bulk Bag Sewing Machine(Large shuttle hook)

This machine is adopted top and bottom feed mechanism, with alternating presser foot, link thread take-up lever. With large shuttle hook, which is increased the working efficiency. The machine is equipped reverse lever for reinforce stitch on container bags. It is suitable for sewing container bags, cargo belts, safety belts, tents, etc.


Single needle double thread FIBC bag overedging machine

This machine is single needle double thread overedging machine,with bottom feed.It is suitable for sewing FIBC bags,as well as PP bags and jute bags.


Max.sewing speed: 1400SPM

Max.sewing thickness: 14mm

Overeding width: 15mm

Stitch length: 7-16mm

Needle size: GN20-400/#33

Stitch type: 503

GK80700CD3  Two needle four thread container bag sewing machine

GK80700CD4  with pneumatic foot lift

GK80700CD5  with pneumatic foot lift and hot thread cutter

This series machines are two needle, four thread, high speed, chain stitch, bag 

sewing machines, professionally designed for the container bags(FIBC)application. 

Equipped withtop and bottom feeding mechanism, large working space,powerful 

sewing capability with the filler cord. Durable stand and table top. The pneumatic 

presser foot lift and hot knife chain thread cutter as the option!


Sewing speed:1400spm

Sewing thickness:18mm

Stitch length:6-12mm(Standard 10mm)

Needle gauge:7.2mm

Stitch type:401 SSa-2

Needle size:9848G300/120

GK81300A1  Two needle four thread container bag sewing machine

GK81300A2  with pneumatic foot lift

GK81300A3  with pneumatic foot lift and hot cutter

This series machines are two needle, four thread, chain stitch and over edging bag 

sewing machines, professionally designed for the container bags(FIBC)application.

Equipped with top and bottom feeding mechanism,powerful sewing capability for 

the climbing and corner part, the chain stitch and overlock stitch together, including 

the filler cord. Durable stand and table top. The pneumatic presser foot lift and hot 

knife chain thread cutter as the option.


Sewing speed:1400spm

Sewing thickness:22mm

Overall seam width:20mm

Overedging width:15mm

Needle gauge:5mm

Stitch length:6-13mm(Standard 10mm)

Stitch type:101/502

Needle size:UY9853G 430

PSM-E2010-LS Automatic FIBC/jumbo bag loop sewing machine


This machine is specially designed for sewing FIBC/jumbo bag loops, adopted extra large rotary hook, and auto thread trimmer device. It is easy to design, download and store the patterns through the touchable screen panel. The machine also can be used for sewing safety belts, harness, parachutes, etc.

PSM-E4020-VS Automatic FIBC/jumbo bag valve sewing machine


The machine is designed with lifted head, which can be lifted100mm, and the space under arm is 420mm. It equipped auto thread trimmer and auto bobbin winding, with extra large rotary hook. Through the computer control system, it can design, download and store the patterns. By using special clamp, it can easily sew the filling and discharging port of container bags.

PSM-E6050  Automatic FIBC/jumbo bag loop attaching machine


This machine is specially designed for attaching FIBS/jumbo bag loops,with large sewing area 600x500mm,which adpoted special clamp for attaching two loops together with ease.The machine is equiped auto thread trimmer,and with extra large rotary hook.Through the operation panel,the user can design,download and store the patterns.It also can be used for sewing large size heavy duty materials.


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